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an identity crisis
under construction
master fic list 
11th-Jan-2015 12:07 am

 But anyway, this was my first attempt at organizing my lj. It still needs a lot of work, obviously. My stuff is posted everywhere but my journal, for one thing. I also clearly need to stick to one or two fandoms...

Please let me know if any of these can't be viewed!


Fairy Tail

Erza x Gerard
"Scarlet" - Erza reflects on her name, the one that holds so much meaning. Not because it suits her so well, but because it's from a suitor. 136 words. Rating: K Spoilers.

"Buried Dreams" - She dares to dream of hazel eyes and better days, knowing that's the only way she'll ever see him, feel him, and be with him again. 136 words (what is with this number? xD). Rating: K+ Spoilers. Angst.

Natsu x Lucy
"Presence" - Lucy reflects on what it is about Natsu that so easily lights up a room (all fire-making aside). 175 words. Rating: K. Fluff.

"Of Flames and Folly" - Natsu regrets not saving her fast enough, and frets over her wounds. Spoilers for the Lucy arc. 262 words. Rating: K.

"A Star's Heart" - What makes the stars burn at night? There are far too many types of flame to know for sure. But Lucy's stars are at their brightest when Natsu keeps them lit. 50 sentences for the 1sentence challenge. Ratings vary from K to T. A mix of angst and fluff.

--Three of these drabbles haven't yet been posted on my journal, so they link to other communities. I'll change the links eventually when I get around to posting them.


I've written a ton for this fandom, but I lost a lot of it over the years. Haha. It was my first series, so... Things get lost in time, I guess. Either way, some of these verge on a couple years old. And again, some of these were never posted on my journal and link to various places.

Miroku x Sango
"A Father's Love" - Sango's father taught her the ways of a demon-slayer, and for her, it came naturally. But love is a battle all its own, and one she didn't necessarily know how to properly handle. More of a Sango character study than a MirSan story, but the pairing is implied. 734 words. Rating: K+/T. Takes place mid-canon, so no real spoilers.

"Old Wounds" - Sango is self-conscious about her scars on their wedding night. 100 words. Rating: T. Post-canon, but no real spoilers.

"Birthday Boy" - Alternate universe. It's Miroku's birthday, and Sango's baking him a cake. But not everything goes quite as she planned. Yet, even without blowing out the candles, Miroku's birthday wish is granted. 483 words. Rating: T.

"Fishing for Forgiveness" - Miroku seeks Kirara's counsel on how to gain the forgiveness of Sango, and she does it the only way she knows how. 246 words. Rating: K.

"Family" - Sango and Miroku have fought so many battles in their lives and won, but pregnancy was a new war entirely. 887 words. Rating: K+/T.

"Breath" - Whenever he sets off to slay demons, she feels the ones within her growing stronger. He knows he'll return, and she's never truly certain. 100 words. Rating: K+.

"Winding Road" - Sango wonders if all along, the things Miroku said and did were signs leading her his way. 249 words. Rating: K.

Inuyasha x Kagome
"Nine Months, One Hanyou" - Kagome's pregnant, and it's time to tell the father. Somehow, though, Inuyasha just doesn't understand. 2,835 words. Rating: T.
--> This one is really old. I may do a rewrite soon, actually.

"Good Dog" - It's been quite some time since she's said "osuwari," and Inuyasha thinks it's about time she takes the subjugation beads off. But he never really wins when it comes to Kagome. 164 words. Rating: K+.

"Girl Next Door" - InuYasha's got a new neighbor – a young, up-and-coming singer named Kagome. He's trying his best to not get too close to anyone, but it seems there's already a connection, and one that will probably only grow stronger in time.
--> This is an ongoing chapter story. I've been working on it for an awfully long time, and it's not nearly close to completion. To be honest, I don't know if I'll ever get it done. I started it before I started my first year of college, and got busy and forgot where I was going with it. I have half the next chapter written, however, so there's still some hope. Alternate universe; set in modern Asakusa district, Tokyo. 13 chapters so far. 19,077 words at this point.


Ranma 1/2
Ranma and Akane is the only thing I write for this fandom. Again, haven't posted these on my journal. And again, a few of these are ridiculously old.
"Solid Proof" - Ukyo is certain Ranma and Akane have not become any closer since the wedding ordeal, and so Akane proves her wrong in the only way she knows how: true affection. 2,098 words. Rating: K. Spoilers for the manga.

"Bad Grades" - When Akane gets a bad grade, he tries his best to cheer her up. 284 words. Rating: K. Post-manga, but no spoilers.

"As Usual" - Ranma's finally chosen who he wants to be with, and that means new danger. 179 words. Rating: K. Post-manga. Spoilers.

Gakuen Alice
Natsume and Mikan is all I wrote for this fandom.

"When She Smiles" - Natsume begins to wonder if he deserves her; especially that smile. Has he really the right to eventually keep it all to himself, when so many others need it? 600 words. Rating: K+. A few spoilers.

"Unneeded Greed" - Mikan doesn't believe Natsume to be selfish in the least bit; she just thinks he's rude. 206 words. Rating: K. Spoilers. Kinda.


Rurouni Kenshin
Kaoru and Kenshin stories only. Still one of my favorite pairings to this day. All of these are pretty old, however.
"Winter Awakening"  - As the snow softly falls, she falls into him. "Please don't leave me," she whispers gently, hoping it's enough to make him stay. My speculation on how Kenshin may have proposed. Old. One of my very first pieces of fanfiction...ever. Haha. 1,500 words. Rating: T.
--> May eventually rewrite this.

"His Heart" - Kaoru wonders if she's managed to touch his heart. 247 words. Rating: T. Post-manga, so spoilers.

"Mud Pile" - Kenji makes a mess of his parents, and now it's up to Kaoru to clean it all up. 240 words. Rating: T. Post-manga.

"Rough" - Kenshin asks Kaoru to cut his hair, but for what reason?  181 words. Rating: T. Post-manga.


Romeo x Juliet
"Can't You Understand?" - Romeo and Juliet's untimely demise from her point of view. 1,480 words. Rating: T. Spoilers for the anime. I never read the manga, so I don't know if it's different.

--> Really, reallyreallyreallyreally old.


Everyone has at least one embarrassing fandom, okay. These are some of the oldest works. I haven't read any in a while. Because jfc, does this series ever end?
"Fatal Mistake" - Leafpool reflects on how her one mistake might be the end of everything she has ever known and loved. 780 words. Rating: T. Implied Leafpool x Crowfeather.

"Fractured" - Hollyleaf reflects on all she has left before she leaves, and all she could have had before she released terrible secrets that could be the very ruin of her Clan. She feels fractured, but in a way that can't be healed. 1,443 words. Rating: T.

--> One of the darkest things I've ever written, and it's about a cat. Hahahahahaha. No, I'm serious.


Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura x Syaoran
"Whole Night Sky" - "I'd never give you up for anything," he said. "Not even for the stars?" she asked. "Or the moon. Or the whole night sky." The two share a pleasant moment alone the day before their wedding. 475 words. Rating: K+.

"Only Human" - "Girls will do nearly anything for someone they like." Syaoran sighed. Why couldn't she just be a different girl? Why couldn't he stop himself from liking her? Probably because they were all human. They were happy the hard way.
--> Another ongoing chapter story I may or may not get around to finishing. It started mainly as a writing exercise and turned into a story... School got in the way of it again. It's alternate universe. Rating: T, possibly verging on M. I forgot what my intentions were for it, so I honestly don't know right now. I do know that it's very dark and depressing, and I don't think I had a happy ending planned for it.

Pretty shocking.


Ouran High School Host Club
Tamaki x Haruhi
"Sink or Swim" - When her father offered her swimming lessons, Haruhi couldn't help but decline. She'd already found her own sort of life jacket to keep her afloat if she ever started to sink, anyway. 500 words. Rating: K. Spoilers for that time Haruhi almost drowned...

"Spring Sonata" - Finals are on the horizon for all the Host Club members, but only Haruhi seems to be studying. Until Tamaki decides she needs a break and plays a song for her, one inspired by someone special. 1,000 words. Rating: K.

"Shelter" - Her only place of escape has always been within herself, but now she’s found somewhere much safer to hide: someone. 120 words. Rating: K.

"Unexpected Profit" - Tamaki decides the Host Club should sweep up in the leaves in the courtyard…but he never mentioned romance. 256 words. Rating: K+.

...I seriously wrote a ton more for this pairing. I don't know where it is.

Other Pairings
"A Woman's Heart" - Kotoko wants to be completely certain her husband and daughter are taken care of and protected before she goes, and so she shares these concerns in a final conversation with the one she loves. Haruhi's parents. Pre-canon. About 500 words. Angst/fluff. Rating: K+.

"Tolerance" - Fuyumi realizes just how lucky she is to have a husband so readily willing to keep pace with her. Fuyumi and her fiance. Drabble. Rating: K.  


Kaichou wa Maid-sama
I mostly have WIPs for this fandom, and all various pairings. Right now, all I officially have done is this...
"Cat and the Canary"
 - Usui vowed he'd punish Misaki if she ever did anything reckless again - he's holding true to that promise and sealing it with a kiss she can't quite hide. 292 words. Rating: T.


Soul Eater
Soul x Maka
Since this is basically my OTP, I've written for it a lot. All drabbles and a one-shot that's a WIP. I'd post them separately, but if I did, that'd take the rest of the page. All that I've written for them so far is compiled in one story on ff.net:
"A Soul's Shape" - The soul's form and shape depends on each person, and how they respond to the world around them. Maka can see souls but she doesn't always understand them - especially when it comes to her own weapon and best friend.
Some are friendship, some are romance. Ratings vary, but nothing graphic. Angst, and fluff.

Black Star x Tsubaki
"Nothing But Light" - Tsubaki frets over all the wounds Black Star received while she battled her brother in the demon sword. 231 words. Rating: K.

Stein x Marie
"Looking Good" - Marie always dresses to impress, but there are many other ways to look good for a guy. 236 words. Rating: T. Slightly dark.

"Returning" - Coming home never felt right until she moved in; then he just couldn't wait to get back. 288 words. Rating: K. Can just be taken as friendship.

I was going to write some Stein and Medusa, but she's just too complicated a character for me to capture.


Soubi x Ritsuka
All 6 drabbles I have for these two is posted in one place on my journal.

Various ratings; varies from humor to angst.


Jun x Hikari
I've written a lot for this pairing and lost it. ...Happens too often, I know.
"Zigzags in the Snow" - He’s got his own (rather disorderly) way of living, and she’s got her own (pretty orderly) way of keeping up with him. A set of 5 drabbles based around various songs on my playlist for pokeprompts . Rating: K+. Mostly fluff.

Green x Red
"Living Arrangements" - It took over ten years for them to adjust to not only their new surroundings, but their need for each other. 4,053 words. Rating: T.

"Teasing" - "Smell ya later, Red!" Green never knew that this simple slip of words would come to have so much meaning. 911 words. Rating: T.

"Whisk" - Red's tired of Leaf and Green's constantly bickering, so he sends them on a camping trip to better their relationship. It doesn't really work. This is actually leaning toward Kanto trio friendship more than anything. About 4,000 words. Rating: T.

There's also some older drabbles for the Kanto OT3 here. They're all pretty angsty, and have only one-sided romances.

Kotone x Hibiki
"Even Now" - Kotone gets a late-night call from her childhood friend and couldn't be any happier. 278 words. Rating: K. Fluff.

"Summer Stars" - Hibiki plays with Kotone's address book on her Pokegear, and discovers she's quite popular with the guys; too popular for his tastes. 280 words. Rating: K. Fluff.

"Pansy" - Kotone wonders why he always has to be ahead; she doesn't want to fill his footsteps, she wants to help him make them. 297 words. Rating: K.

"Heat Stroke" - Kotone meets up with him in Goldenrod, and they're both about to melt. 681 words. Rating: K.

"Her Heart's Home"  - She's about to embark on a journey to Kanto, with no definite date of return. He's her last, and probably most painful, goodbye. 565 words. Rating: K.

Ash and Misty / May and Drew

It's obligatory, okay. These pairings were part of my childhood. May and Drew honestly seemed more canon to me, though. If only because Ash is always going to be 10, and oblivious to all the people that have feelings for him. T___________________T I mean, wtf. Gary got older, and so did Misty. It's creepy as hell.

"Bicycle Ride" - It's been years since they've actually seen each other face to face, and Misty's beginning to wonder if they should reunite at all. 297 words. Rating: K.

"Let Your Hair Down" - Ash asks Misty why she never wears her hair out of its ponytail. 151 words. Rating: K.

"Skipping Rope" - May finds a jump rope, but doesn’t do so well with it. And of course he's there when she falls. 266 words. Rating: K+.

Other Fandoms
Princess Tutu
"Already Smiling" - Ahiru insists Fakir smile more often, and is completely unaware that he already is. 111 words. Rating: K. Wrote this after denial set in about the ending of the anime.

Kimi ni Todoke
"Keeping Secrets" - He considers keeping her smile all to himself, but soon realizes they have other secrets, too. 139 words. Rating: K.

"Passing Notes" - He never got rid of that note. In fact, he always kept it with him. 135 words. Rating: K.

"Doodles"  - She doodled in class, all sorts of different flowers. At least with these, he figured, they would never wilt. 274 words. Rating: K.

Special A
"Cold Feet" - Kei wants to start thinking of destinations for their honeymoon, but Hikari seems to want to leave on her own. 300 words. Rating: K.
--> This was supposed to be part one of three drabbles, but I never finished the set.

Slightly messy, but I'll fix it when I have more free time and patience. Haha.

Last updated: 8/28/2010


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