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12th-Jan-2015 02:52 pm - friends only

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Friends Only!

This journal's got some personal stuff (a lot of rants, too)! So it's friends only. I've got varied interests, so if we have stuff in common, feel free to comment here! I'm always up for making new friends.

Main / current fandoms:
Soul Eater
Fairy Tail
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Older fandoms should still be listed somewhere in my userinfo. :]

Pairings (I'm a serious shipper, and I love canon):
+ Five billion more.
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11th-Jan-2015 12:07 am - master fic list

 But anyway, this was my first attempt at organizing my lj. It still needs a lot of work, obviously. My stuff is posted everywhere but my journal, for one thing. I also clearly need to stick to one or two fandoms...

Please let me know if any of these can't be viewed!


under the cut~Collapse )


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lol yes another post from me what is this insanity.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! 

Also, finished a fic I've intended to finish for about five years and a half now. A Soul and Maka one-shot. I missed writing these two so much, though I'm not sure I did all that great of a job. I really got to get back into this fandom, catch up on manga, etc. In the meantime, I wrote something Christmassy for them. With, of course, a corny, cliche ending. :| In anime canon, this would be post-canon, I guess? As for the manga... I don't really know where this would fit. No major spoilers past volume... I want to say 2. :| And I had to keep reminding myself throughout the whole thing that Death City can't get snow, because it's in the desert.


I have a hard time imagining a Christmas without snow.
Title: Gift of a Good Partner
Rating: PG.
Words: 2, 532 (a Christmas miracle).
Pairing/Characters: Soul/Maka, with mentions of Tsubaki and Black Star giving some damn good advice.
Warnings: I hope they aren't all too out of character here. And I also only gave this a quick glance for grammar errors/spelling, so please point things out if you see them! 
Summary: Maka's keeping secrets beneath all those bandaged fingers, and Soul's determined to seek them out before Christmas rolls around.

he wants to hold her bandaged fingers to his bandaged heart and heal them allCollapse )
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1st-Oct-2010 04:00 am - off the hinges, twinleaf oneshot

It's 4 AM and I can't sleep.

It's... a long story. But technically I'm trapped in my dorm at the moment, with a dead cell phone. My cell phone is, sadly, my alarm clock. xD I left my charger at home and sure as hell don't feel up for a late-night driving adventure extreme. So I can't go to sleep tonight. :| I need to wake up in 4 hours, anyway, so whatever. Also, it's like a furnace in here and there's no hope for sleep.

I'll just die at work.

So I almost didn't make the deadline. I totally thought September had 31 days. It only has 30. Oops.

This is my pokeprompts  entry! And it's an absolute mess. I apologize. I procrastinated and paid dearly for it. This fic is confusing as all heck. I wanted to more thoroughly run through it, but I don't have the time. I also experimented with writing style, which didn't help. But boats make me think of noises, so... I went with that. Onomatopoeia. Part of this was also written at 3 AM. I just can't fix it at the moment.

I'm always on the go. :| I'm a Jun.

So this is like mindfuq also because I needed so badly to vent, but without posting another really boring entry about my life.

SO HERE. My author's notes need to be cut down. Seriously.

Title: Off the Hinges
Author: Kouriko.
Rating: T (certain situations implied... Parts of this became surprisingly inappropriate...)
Verse: Game!verse. I'll go with Platinum.
Characters: Jun/Hikari.
Summary: Creak. She pushes the door open. Click. She slams it shut when she finds him missing again. But she'll keep coming back. She always does. She's like a Volbeat in a glass jar.


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29th-Aug-2010 12:29 am - playing pretend - jun/hikari one-shot
I had every intention of writing this earlier. Yesterday, actually. I had every intention of doing a lot of things yesterday.

But I pretty much passed out after work. The place closes at 9 and customers were coming in until half past that. I didn't get out for a long, long time. Then I had to forage for late-night food all over town.


But anyway. I wrote this for pokeprompts "fresh air" blitz challenge. The inspiration came from me struggling to open my window to get fresh air at like 2:30 AM last night. Yes, I actually had to use a hammer to pry it open. Haha. I'm tired, but I hope that didn't do too much damage to my writing... It may have. So... please let me know if you see a mistake. I'd appreciate it. xD

Title: Playing Pretend
Characters: Jun/Hikari.
Words: 1,281.
Rating: T.
Summary: He never thought spending the night in Hotel Grand Lake could bring about so much imagination. Or that the one that wore the pants in the relationship actually wore a pink skirt.  

"Watch and be amazed, Hikari!"Collapse )
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25th-Aug-2010 02:04 am - whisk - pokegamefic summer exchange
It took me forever, but I finally did my pokegamefic exchange for kimivalkyrie . Holy fuq, this was hard. Kanto characters are not my forte. Especially Green. And it had to be Green-centric. xD 

Anyway, I'm glad I got this done but I'm...not sure I'm happy with it. Work's drained me, and my writing isn't like it used to be. I'm also not having a good month, so writing my usual fluffeverywhere is just too hard. BUT NO MORE COMPLAINING FROM ME.

Also, Red talks a lot in the beginning of this fic, but there's a reason for that. So no, you're not hearing things.

Also, apparently Pikachu is furry. I didn't know that.

Thank you, chrysa , for being beta. The line, "Mt. Silver doesn't count, either," was also her idea. Haha.

And originally Green called Leaf a filthy whore (LOL ikr). So, thank goodness I had an awesome beta because that would just be inappropriate on so many levels.

Title: Whisk
Rating: T, for swearing and sexual jokes. Innuendos. ...etc.
Characters: Green, Red, Leaf, and Pikachu.
Pairings: Green/Red, but sometimes I feel like there's Green/Leaf. I was going to make it kind of unclear, but my bias is pretty damn obvious, so...
Summary: Red's tired of Leaf and Green's constantly bickering, so he sends them on a camping trip to better their relationship. It doesn't really work.

If I could have walked far away
With only this overwhelming truth to rely on
If I could move on from here
Listening carefully to the voice in my heart the whole time
If I could have heard that voice
Screaming tearfully
If I could have regained
The voice I lost track of
Through all the lies
If I could have entrusted everything
To a love that I could have expressed more honestly
I’m sure it would have looked stagnant
The world grows more colourful
Like an illusion

It's all we'll needCollapse )
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28th-Jul-2010 10:12 pm - natsuxlucy 1sentence challenge
I don't know why Lucy gets so much hate. Same with this pairing so...

/spreads the love of it!

And if you haven't seen any of this fandom, you should check it out! Fairy Tail!

I don't know why, but a few (okay, like half) turned out really smutty. I'M SO SORRY. Orz Nothing explicit or lemony, though; it's all lightly implied. So I'm pretty sure it's still pretty much PG-13/T. NOTHING REALLY GRAPHIC, OKAY. How graphic can one sentence be?

Rhetorical question, because I'm sure we all know the answer to that.

This is for the 1sentence challenge, and I used the table Gamma! It was really hard, though. I chose this table mostly because of "candle." lol. Oops. Some of these were hard to work with, but I tried my best! Hope you enjoy.

Title: A Star's Heart
Rating: T.
Characters: Lucy/Natsu (does this pairing have a nickname? Haha. NaLu, etc), with mentions of Lisanna, Loki, Gazille, and Gray.
Genre: These range from extreme humor to serious angst. In no order.
Warnings: Spoilers for both the anime and manga, though nothing particularly explicit, I don't believe. And possible OOC moments, though I'm pretty sure they stay in character most of the time.
Summary: What makes the stars burn at night? There are far too many types of flame to know for sure. But Lucy's stars are at their brightest when Natsu keeps them lit.
Read more...Collapse )
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I got a job! \o/ I hope I can keep this one. I start in like three hours, so to pass the time (even though I should really nap, since my mom woke me up at like 7 to get breakfast smh) I'm going to post another fic. It's short, though. I have a super-gigantic one that I should really post first... I'll probably just combine them later when I'm less tired. OTL I also need to change my LJ layout, because the font bothers me. ajkfmnskf.

This was my first fill for...

the pokémon kink meme

I couldn't resist the prompt? Orz. I wrote this kind of late one night, but hopefully there aren't any glaring grammar / spelling errors. I'll probably post it other places later, but I don't want to spam all up in your f-lists.

Title: Teasing (I give up with making titles, srsly)
Rating: T?
Characters / Pairings: Red/Green, with mentions of Eevee and Pikachu.
Summary: "Smell ya later, Red!" Green never knew that this simple slip of words would come to have so much meaning.
Prompt:  ...I brought it up once and felt like a minority. Sleeping in a partner's shirt when they're away or just burying your face in their shoulder to smell their scent better, is it so uncommon?!

So, I would like Green/Red with body odor (you know what I mean) as the kink; one-way or both ways, it doesn't matter to me :D

Warnings: Fluffy. No, really. That's like it all it is.

"You just can't beat me. Admit it."Collapse )
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It's Apocalyptic-looking outside, so dark I needed to turn on my lights at 3 in the afternoon. It's creeping me out. So anyway...

Here's my first entry for pokeprompts ! I obsessively proofread as usual, but feel free to point out grammar / spelling mistakes, because somehow, I still always miss them. I had such a hard time deciding what pairing I wanted to do, too. I really wanted to do Twinleafshipping (which I obviously ended up doing xD), but as I was looking through my playlist, I realized most of the songs were kind of depressing, so I almost did Green/Leaf and/or Green/Red, but went with this, anyway, since it's a favorite. 

I never even finished Platinum, though. :| I was going to start over the other day, but then was informed I couldn't start a new game until I deleted my old one. So then I kind of lost my patience and didn't redo it again. anjgnsjgd. And I haven't finished SoulSilver, either. jfc. Those blizzards.

Annnddd I need to stop talking. Haha. But I have never written for these two before, so I apologize if anything seems OOC and such. I guess it's got a good amount of headcanon in here. My writing's also not what it used to be for some reason. I'm having some kind of perpetual writer's block.

there were days when he believed he was allowed to rely on her, too.Collapse )

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14th-Jul-2010 06:09 pm - Living Arrangements; pokemon one-shot

Okaysrslythisfic. This was my first shot at Red/Green/Originalshipping/Palletshipping
I spent like 6+ hours writing it (experimenting with a lot of writing styles), and then the editing...

OBSESSIVE EDITING. Orz Perspectives in this fic are still out of line, which I apologize for...Hopefully not too distracting angjsngdgfmmgskdm. I went over it like 583538548 times, and something about it still didn't seem right to me. I actually almost deleted it at one point, because it really, really bugged me to hell and back. I'm still almost reluctantly to post it places. IDK WHY, it just did. And I don't think I can ever look at it again. Plus, it was only supposed to be about 500 words, and somehow made it to over 4000... 

SO THANK YOU SO MUCH, [info]chrysa!

I've never had a beta before on any of my fics, and so I missed so many things and she helped me go through this gigantic mess, and for that, I am grateful. OTL

I abuse my keyboard too much, so to prevent my 'O' key from breaking again, here's the actual fic:

Title: Living Arrangements
Rating: T, because Leaf says what comes to mind.
Characters: Red and Green, Leaf, and their Pokemon making some guest appearances.
Genre: Um. Romance, and a strange attempt at some mix of angst and humor.
Warnings: A ridiculously happy ending. But that's how I always roll. And I feel like there are some innuendos in here. You decide.
Summary: It took over ten years for them to adjust to not only their new surroundings, but their need for each other.


Please just don't go by my summaries or titles anymore. mkzsmfkd. xD


And to just never touch this again.


He likes and is used to winter, to the cold.Collapse )

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